A functioning toilet works efficiently to remove water and waste from pipes and plumbing systems. There are times when the toilet doesn’t work properly and you experience a sudden emergency that requires immediate attention.

Need a new toilet installed, have a clog or leak?
We at Top Of The Line Plumbing & Heating Ltd have experienced all types of toilet repairs and provide fast, reliable service.

Fixture Replacement

We take care of leaking taps, dripping pipes, and pipe joint gaps or cracks. Whether the pipes are made with cast iron, steel, concrete, PVC, or copper, we have the tools to fix all minor and major pipe problems.

Dishwasher Installs

Our experienced plumbers install any make and model. We hook up and unclog water lines as well as troubleshoot electrical problems.

Basement Rough-Ins

If you are thinking of adding a bathroom to your basement, the first step is a plumbing rough-in. This will be the foundation for all of your basement plumbing needs, so it’s important that it’s done right. Our team will leave you with a solid plumbing base that will make adding a bathroom toilet and shower to your basement an easy job.

Water and Drain Lines

We offer repair service for all types of water line leaks. From backups and clogs to sewer gas leaks, we do any sewer repairs in Regina homes, businesses, and municipal areas. We’ll make sure your water lines are operating smoothly.

Back Flow Testing & Installs

Back Flow testing should be done regularly to determine if dirty water has contaminated your clean drinking water supply. This can happen if your plumbing system loses pressure or needs repairs. We can perform Back Flow Inspections and give you a full report on how your plumbing system is performing. If there are any concerns, we will fix them for you.